Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peter Bialobrzeski - Lost in Transition

Transition 12, 2005

Peter Bialobrzeski
Lost in Transition - book + special edition print, 2007

After the huge success of Neon Tigers, Peter Bialobrzeski's newest book Lost in Transition is also an epic journey through the changing urban spaces of mega-cities such as Dubai, New York, Kuala Lampur, New Delhi, etc. A total of 28 cities in 14 countries.

Hatje Cantz has produced a special edition print of the above image. 

C-print, 30x40 cm in a case with a copy of the book. Edition of 30+5  e.a. 

Price:  800,- Euro

You can get them directly through Hatje Cantz or at Galerie Robert Morat in Hamburg.

note: Neon Tigers is still on my wishlist for the Print for a Book trade 2008, you can get more info if you scroll down through the news section of my homepage.
maybe we can trade...


  1. You should really acknowledge the site you are duplicating, with some minor differences.

    They site has been recognized by Martin Parr on Magnums site, and your posts look really similar to theirs. Similar wording, where to buy the books. brief, casual reviews. I prefer their style to 5b4's pontificating about books.

    Be honest you have seen the site, and are modeling your blog after it.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    No I hadn't known about that site, but it is interesting so thanks for the link. I have most of the titles they have listed. But, to be honest, Buffet is striving to be more about books and prints/special editions etc and photographyinprint seems to be a trimmed down version of something like 5b4. Its certainly not difficult for post to look similair when all I/we are doing is giving a title and where to buy the thing. Its so easy to make a blog, why in the world would I model a blog after one that is already out there? How many magazines are out there that have a similair look and feel because of a shared interest? I have only been doing this for about 1 month and am astounded by how much crossover there is in the blog world; I am by no means proclaiming to have re-invented the wheel.

    I linked photographyinprint in the blog list, thats what blogs are for; to spread the word.

  3. "This site has been recognized by Martin Parr"?
    Wow, big deal.
    I've had a look at it. I see no common point except a taste for the same kind of inocuous & ethnocentered books.
    All that is so white, so tidy.
    Regards though,